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Con riferi- mento al secondo aspetto, la ricerca sul terreno ha evidenziato limpegno istitu- zionale dellUnited Nations Development Programme (undp del governo na- zionale e del Municipio del Distretto Metropolitano di Quito (mdmq) (6). Contact: life factory microgrid (jofemar.A. The projects area covers the central and southern parts of the Eastern Carpathians, including etwork sites in which the wolf is protected. Project actions will include the installation of two hybrid renewable energy generators and the development of software tools to help in the design and implementation of renewable energy systems in the wine industry. It introduces the mutually constituted concepts of invited and invented spaces of citizenship and stresses the range of grassroots actions spanning those. Contact: life rewind (University of Zaragoza life rewind will undertake a series of actions in order to foster the implementation and use of renewable energies in the agri-food sector, taking the wine sector as an example. Brasile e un migliaio in America del Sud (1.200 contate da Cabannes, 2006 così come in diverse parti del mondo (Italia compresa) (2). The goals of the life2Water project are to implement innovative technologies for tertiary treatment of municipal wastewater with a significant potential for improvement of effluent quality and to verify these technologies at pilot scale with the aim of contributing. Contact: life Madeira Monk Seal (Fundación CBD The objective of this project is to solve known conservation problems facing the Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus) in Portugals Madeira Region. The main objectives of this project are to evaluate the carbon footprint (CF) of the pastry and flour food industry sector along the production and supply chain, and to increase competiveness through the development of an innovative software tool.

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These materials can be valued, prepared for reuse, and then converted back in the production cycle for new goods containing bitumen-polymer and glass wool. Barampama, Espace et pouvoir,. A cornerstone of the project will be the deployment of Anti-Poisoning Dog Units across much of Italy. The project expects to produce zinc oxide suitable for reuse in the rubber and chemical catalysts manufacturing industries. Its primary approach is to establish a network of Special Protected Areas, designated for the protection of the lesser spotted eagles breeding grounds. Such restoration will include discharge enhancement of oxbow lakes and the stabilisation of the water level with water retention structures that serve to reduce the risk of low water periods. These actions will include the humane capture and eradication of invasive grey squirrels in accordance with animal welfare laws. The project aims to bring about an identifiable change in the perception, awareness and habits of the general public and specific stakeholder groups. A livello metropolitano, al contrario, non vi è alcun cenno ai suddetti cam- biamenti, mentre i concetti di modernità, produttivismo, così come, in generale, il sistema economico «occidentale» sono presi a modello (non a caso il piano in questione è intitolato. The aim is to evaluate and verify whether the realized planning has involved the participation of and has been developed with inhabitants, or if it is more or less a persuasive representation. life zaess will demonstrate an efficient, innovative and cost-effective energy storage technology based on a novel zinc/air flow battery. This project aims to test and validate an innovative green urban transport solution: an electric bus designed for quick recharging during stops at passenger stations. Questo studio è stato svolto nellambito del Progetto di Ricerca di Ateneo «Edu- cazione alla pianificazione territoriale e partecipativa: comunicazione geografica nella formazione u- niversitaria e post-universitaria con le amministrazioni pubbliche» (Dipartimento di Scienze Geografi- che e Merceologiche, Facoltà. This project aims to demonstrate a new, environmentally friendly process for recycling light alloy chips that are oxidised or contaminated by lubricants or coolants. Optimised field treatments will also be carried out on several plants and crops having a high commercial value and used here as a model (olive, kiwi fruit, potato, tobacco).

on Fundamental Rights took place in Brussels on 20 and 21 November. The 2017 event s focus was on Women s rights in turbulent times. The objective of the Annual Colloquium is to improve mutual cooperation and greater political engagement for the promotion and protection of key fundamental rights in the. Contact: [email protected], lIFE-pletera (Ajuntament de Torroella de Montgrí The overall aim of the project is to carry out a comprehensive and definitive restoration of the La Pletera coastal lagoon system, an area whose ecological functions have been altered by building works. Featured case nasvi Lobbying for a National Urban Street Vendor Policy in India. Comunita Incontro - Recreation Centers - Via Orvieto, 2/A IO decido: Incontro su Beni Comuni e Democrazia Partecipativa La pianificazione territoriale partecipativa e sostenibile The National Street Vendor Association (nasvi a federation of street traders, advocated for and then co-authored the first national policy on street vendors in India, which enabled more equitable economic participation. 303 likes 13 talking about this. Movimento per la Democrazia diretta e partecipativa delle professioni per la costruzione di una. .

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Contact:.Wire (Officine Maccaferri SpA The project aims to incontro habitat partecipativa develop and demonstrate an innovative process for the production of scopate troie elenco dei siti porno extruded steel wires, with lower environmental impact compared to the conventional process. Cornwall., Locating Citizen Participation, in «IDS Bulletin 2002,. It will develop management systems to ensure the bear has enough space in the whole range without causing conflicts with human activities. Il Plan para el Buen Vivir costi- tuisce un primo passo per la costruzione del Sistema Nazionale Decentralizzato di Pianificazione Partecipativa. This project will demonstrate an innovative method to valorise rice straw waste as a valuable resource for the production of leva (levulinic acid a chemical monomer much in demand thanks to its powerful and versatile application in such sectors as pharmaceuticals. Inquadramento dei processi di partecipazione in Ecuador e a Quito. Amongst other results, the project expects to generate some 160 000 kWh/year of greenhouse gas-free energy. (9) Il Plan Nacional para el Buen Vivir è il piano nazionale di sviluppo che, ai sensi dellart. Contact: life-energa Living Lab-PL (energa Innowacje. Contact: life Biodiversity (1 project.6 million) life Birds on Electrogrid (Lithuanian Ornithological Society This project aims to improve the conservation status of migratory, wintering and breeding bird species found in Lithuania, in particular the white stork (Ciconia ciconia) and. The project intends to achieve and maintain favourable conservation status of the habitats and species in these sites by identifying targeted conservation measures and restoring ecological connectivity and functionality. Contact: life Nature (4 projects.2 million). The proposed model is expected to cut the use of water and fertilisers to irrigate crops. Contact: life Forêt Sèche (Parc national de La Réunion This project aims to preserve the semi-xerophilous forest of Reunion, and to re-establish connectivity between restored and relict plots. Contact: life fitovid (neiker - Instituto Vasco de Investigación y Desarrollo Agrario life fotovid aims to reduce the environmental impact of the production of grape juice and wine by testing different innovative techniques, mainly targeted at reducing the. Il Piano, infatti, non affrontando i nodi né sul piano paradigmatico né relazionale che producono i problemi di cui sopra, non può considerare modalità alternative per la gestione della rela- zione popolazione-risorse. In order donne in cerca di uomini in maldonado pescarabakecaincontri to overcome technical and financial difficulties hampering the adoption of the appropriate conservation measures, demonstrative and innovative management strategies will be implemented, while conservation tools adapted to the islands urban context will be developed in order to involve stakeholders. Contact: life pluto (Ente Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga The main objective of this project is to favour the conservation of brown bears, wolves and scavenger raptors in Italy, carrying out large-scale measures to combat the illegal use of poison. Plan Nacional para el Buen Vivir República Del Ecuador Consejo Nacional De Planificación REPÚblica DEL ecuador, consejo nacional DE planificaciÓN, Plan Nacional para el Buen Vivir, Quito, 2009. Contact: life Nature (1 projects.9 million).

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It will design and construct a pilot plant that aims to finely separate small shredded car waste materials and to recover and recycle component materials for the production of high quality fuel for cement and steel plants, meeting EU regulations. This innovative approach will manage water, sediment and habitats (rice fields and wetlands) with the goals of optimising ground elevation, reducing coastal erosion, increasing carbon sequestration in the soil, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving water quality. Contact: PAN life (Regione Calabria - Settore Cooperazione e Internazionalizzazione The main goal of the project is to produce a programme for the for the long-term management of the entire Calabria region Natura 2000 network and for its restoration to a satisfactory. The technology proposed involves improvements in the synthesis process, such as producing Diphenol in a unique oxidation-condensation phase and the use of catalysts in the final step of vanillin destillation, improving the energy efficiency of the process and minimising effluent by-products. Contact: life RES maris (Amministrazione Provinciale di Cagliari - Settore Ambiente This project targets the Province of Cagliari and is mainly concerned with addressing the negative impacts of the introduction of invasive alien species to its native habitats. It also aims to create favourable conditions for two bird species: the great bittern (Botaurus stellaris) and the wood sandpiper (Tringa glareola). Contact: life Information and Communication (1 project.4 million) ecotic life Caravan (Asociatia ecotic This project will raise awareness of the environmental issues surrounding the manufacture and use of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE the handling of waste. Se puede decir que en variadas ocasiones la convocatoria del MDQ es utilitaria en función de las necesidades de contar con la población para diversos eventos» (Moya Mena, 2012,. Amongst other results, the model under development should reduce energy consumption by 20, cut N2O emissions by 35, and reduce CO2 emissions from energy use by 20 and from soil management. Contact: life Nature (1 project.1 million) Light Fire - life (Natural Heritage Services of Metsähallitus The project aims to restore structural features important for the maintenance of biodiverse habitats and increase the area of such habitats by restoring severely degraded areas. This project will build on the results of a previous life project, hela, and will be aligned with a new long-term management plan for the reserve.